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Welcome to Egyptology: Scientific Investigation

 E:SI logo Harrogate Museums and Arts have a wonderful and internationally significant collection of Egyptology, on show at the Royal Pump Room Museum.

We are working with the University of York's BioArch department to use the latest scientific techniques to discover more about our objects. 

This website will tell you all about our objects from amulets to canopic jars and mummy masks as well as about the scientific testing and results.

You can also find out about events going on and resources for schools.

This project is funded by NESTA (National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts).

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News and Events

Talk by renowned Egyptologist Dr Joann Fletcher at the Mercer Art Gallery on 4th June 2014
Come along to try out all our Egyptian activities. Be a scientist, an Egyptian scribe or dress as a priest!

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