Scientific Investigation

Egyptology: Scientific Investigation is an innovative project using cutting-edge science to discover more about ancient Egypt through objects.

The story of our objects is emerging through the use of scientific techniques such as carbon dating and Gas Chromotography, Mass Spectrometry (GCMS). 

We have been working with Dr Stephen Buckley and Dr Joann Fletcher from the University of York Archaeology Department and its BioArch section.  The project is part of ongoing long-term research by the university's staff and students.

Tiny samples can reveal important information about what objects were used for and where their contents came from.  They can date objects and even find out the differentmaterials that make up objects. 

Specific objects have been selected to be tested because of mysteries surrounding their histories.  The public have been involved in choosing which objects are tested.

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Talk by renowned Egyptologist Dr Joann Fletcher at the Mercer Art Gallery on 4th June 2014
Come along to try out all our Egyptian activities. Be a scientist, an Egyptian scribe or dress as a priest!

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