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 Royal Pump Room Museum, Harrogate


The Royal Pump Room Museum in Harrogate town centre houses the Egyptology:Scientific Investigation displays. 

The exhibition features many of our wonderful Ancient Egyptian treasures.  It has three main themes:
as well as looking at the scientific techniques and research that is helping us discover more about our Egyptian objects.
Some of the objects on show are featured in the collection themes webpages but you can also see many more, such as our stunning sarcophagus! 
To help you on a visit
There are three themed activity drawers and boxes:
  • Investigate - discovery box containing a microscope, magnifying glasses, calculators, weighing scales, rulers, children's laboratory coats and replica Egyptian objects, rocks and minerals and slides for children to find out what they might have found in an Ancient Egyptian tomb.  Activity sheets for this can be downloaded here.
  • Create - discovery drawer containing papyrus and pens alongside hieroglyphics alphabet, equipment to make beaded jewellery, stencils...
  • Imagine - discovery drawer containing replica costumes and headresses for children and adults, jewellery to try on, books to read

The Royal Pump Room Museum is built above the strongest sulphur well in Europe, where people came from all over take the healing waters during Harrogate's spa heyday. 

Come along to discover the famous visitors to the spa such as Agatha Christie, Charles Dickens and even Russian royalty!  Peer into shop windows from Harrogate's Victorian times and visit the Stray, 200 acres of protected green land still surrounding the town today.

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Talk by renowned Egyptologist Dr Joann Fletcher at the Mercer Art Gallery on 4th June 2014
Come along to try out all our Egyptian activities. Be a scientist, an Egyptian scribe or dress as a priest!

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